Sunday, 18 February 2018

Spotlight on Flora

Spotlight on Flora

As soon as I saw the new release collection in January, I knew I just had to have Flora in my life.
She must be one of the most delicate dies ever. I have seen cards using the negative of the die (the spcae on the card where the die has been cut from) but the die itself has such pretty detail it just had to be.

The card base is a 7" square. The card used is is Foundations Bright White and Crafts Too Rosa Lustre card, the sheen is so lovely, one of my favourite colours too!

I have used the Double Stitched Octagon set to frame Flora, the shapes seem to suit each other Four dies used altogether to create the look. Take four dies from the set all next to each other. If you count the dies as largest number 1 and smallest of the set number 4, take dies number 1 and 4 and cut from Bright White card. Take dies numbers 2 and 3 and cut from Rosa card. Use the 'waste' octagon shape from this for the background of Flora

To make a beautiful subtle background, I have stamped various sizes of the Passionflower stamp set all around the edge of a 6.5" square piece of white card, in Izink ink Framboise and Metallic Silver. This gives a subtle finish to the background. I found a plain background was too stark for such a delicate die such as Flora.

Finally I used another couple of Double Stitched Octagons for the sentiment point and popped them up with some foam pads behind. A little gem in each of Flora's tiny flowers and there you go!
Flora and Passionflower stamps are on offer today over on the website

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