Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Difference in Double Pierced Die sets

Does this picture remind you of an eye test? Hope I'm not the only one!
Anyhow, I digress. I have just done a little sample or two to show you the difference between the two sets of Double Pierced dies, in this case the Circle sets, but the same theory applies with all the shapes in this collection, Rectangles, Squares and Ovals

So, if you have just one set of Double Pierced dies, each die is 1/4" bigger than the next, giving this margin shown in the photo, which, of course is fine for many projects. Here I have cut the smallest four dies.

If however you have treated yourself to BOTH the Double Pierced die sets, the increase in size, by using both sets will give you a much narrower margin, in fact 1/8" between each layer. In this photo, I have cut the four smallest dies from Set A in white and the four smallest dies from Set B in black to show you the difference. Remember, it is the same increment in all the Double Pierced die sets, hope this has helped. 
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