Thursday, 26 May 2016

To twist or curl?

How many different flowers can you make from just the one die set?
Obviously, papercrafted flowers will all look very different just by colour of card or paper chosen to make them.
However, I thought I would show you how simple it is to make different flowers, using the one die set just by twisting or curling the petals in different ways.

the die set used today is the Delicate Daisies Complete Petal die set, I have used 4 die shapes for each flower. The first picture shows the basic shapes with no moulding at all.
Here are the same shapes, with each petal curled upwards. A bone folder is a good tool to do this with but fingers are cheaper!
This time, each petal is curled downwards. To give extra texture, I have teased a few petals together to form a deeper flower
More 'Daisy' like this time. As I was working with a small flower I have used my piercing tool to make these, but with a bigger flower, the edge of a bone folder works well too. Resting the flower shape on a stamping mat, lay the piercing tool in the centre of each petal and gently push into the foam, giving a 'fold' line in the centre of each petal. Despite using a piercing tool, it is not to make holes in this case, just needing a thin item, it works well.
Finally, my personal favourite. I have used a bone folder and taken each petal, starting halfway down the petal and simply curled it, pulling away with a twist at the end. As with all techniques, practise makes perfect, but this one provides a really full bloom. Which is your favourite?
Delicate Daisies Complete Petal die set available at Maximumcrafts


  1. Thanks Maxine, it's nice to see what other people do with their flower dies. Janice x

  2. The 3rd one and last one are my favourites. Thanks for this. My flowers never look as good as others in their samples, but then I'm hyper-critical of absolutely EVERYTHING I make anyway!! What colour card did you use as this is such a pretty pink? xx

  3. All are lovely but the last looks great xx

  4. They are all lovely but my favourites are the last two. Thank you for sharing xx

  5. Lovely, thank you Maxineđź’–


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